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Systema, a martial art like no other.

Systema is a system of personal refinement used to increase the ability to remain calm, relaxed, and responsive while facing psychological and physical stressors. So it is more than just self-defense, it is a state of mind and body.


Originating in ancient Russia and used by the Spetsnaz special forces, it is a unique, diverse and complete way of self defense  and a way of life that makes one a better person.  A person who has expanded these abilities is better able to defend himself and others, whilst becoming healthier and stronger. ​

Systema is a modern martial art which  covers a lot of ground. From massage, health and breathing to gun work, ground fighting, fighting in confined spaces, executive protection and improvised weapons, the art can seem so vast that beginners can feel lost. That’s why we take things nice and easy. Pushing, but never giving them more speed and intensity than they can handle. 

The result of this kind of training is strong body and calm and resourceful psyche, ready for whatever life might throw at you. 

A great quote from the founder Vladimir Vasiliev is that "you don't come to class to learn fancy moves, spins and techniques, but rather to see your own pride, aggression, anger or self pity."

The healing of the body. This removes a lot of the frustration and angst that people carry around when they live with pain on a day to day basis.​

The fact that the combat side of Systema trains you to not rely upon aggression and anger. We teach people that managing situations with a professional calm is a better approach and is so much more applicable across your whole life.

Replacing negative emotion's with relaxation. Using breath work and attention to release mental and emotional stress during classes and then throughout your day positively impacts not only you but those you come into contact with.

The focusing of attention inside to feel what is going on. This allows you to find more and deeper rooted tensions that you learn to gradually dissolve out. Over time this leads you away from going from one daily stress to another and gives you the space to go deeper.

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