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"I originally came to Systema GR to learn self defense moves but have come away with so much more, from breathing techniques, meditation, stretching and learning how to avoid injury in a fall. I call the class ‘practical yoga’ with the added benefit of knowing how to protect myself. 6-months in and I am still learning something new and valuable each class. Time and money well spent. " - John F.

"This was one of the most beneficial experiences of my life, and my anxiety about being here for the first time completely dissolved in the face of the encouraging, supportive staff. I learned so much about myself today! Hope to return soon." - Jacquelyn W.

"I find this style to be very approachable for anyone to learn. The teachers are fantastic. They take time to explain the methodology and allow plenty of time for practicing scenarios. The pace is perfect for people who have never studied martial arts before. People attending the classes are friendly and respectful but also helpful in challenging and correcting. I’m sure this will build confidence to confront physical danger, and am excited to continue studying this martial art form." - Kelly K.

"Overall a great first experience. Looking forward to the next class!" - Claudia

"I have trained Russian Martial Art with Vince for a few years and have found him to be both an excellent practitioner as well as teacher. The facility is great and I would recommend for people of all ages, due to his sensitivity towards training in a way that works for each students physical conditioning and injury history! highly recommend!" - Nate S.

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